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[pima.nius] PR: National backs its mates, and sinks TVNZ7

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7 April 2011                                                                    MEDIA STATEMENT

National backs its mates, and sinks TVNZ7


Broadcasting Minister Jonathan Coleman's denial in Parliament today of reports that the axe has fallen on New Zealand's last public service television channel is embarrassing confirmation of a breakdown in communication between him and TVNZs chief executive, says Labour's Broadcasting spokesperson Clare Curran.

"Just hours earlier, TVNZ had conceded at Select Committee that the reports were correct," Clare Curran said.

Clare Curran says the Government has declined TVNZ requests for direct funding to keep TVNZ7 running, at the same time as it has made life easier for its competitors in the private sector. "The decision to axe direct funding for TVNZ7 illustrates the Government's rank hypocrisy. The future of public broadcasting is now dire."

Clare Curran says the Government has failed to release TVNZ requests for funding.

"The requests embarrass the Government, which has been widely criticised for effectively subsidising TVNZ's competitors through preferential deals of tens of millions of dollars of licence fees.

"The other reason that the Government has declined direct funding is that it will find it easier to sell off TVNZ if it gets rid of its public service functions," Clare Curran said.

"Once again, National is planning to sell the family silver, by stealth."

Clare Curran said: "At a time when investment is required in quality digital content, and as we move into a world of fast broadband, National is walking away from any commitment it once had to public broadcasting.

"National is now going the other way TVNZ6 is being turned into a commercial youth channel, and TVNZ7 is most unlikely to survive a competitive environment.How will New Zealanders receive public service content? It seems Radio New Zealand is the last bastion of public service content and its resources are stretched as well.

"This is a sorry week for public broadcasting, and it comes down to an ideological disregard for the value of public broadcasting," Clare Curran said. "A competitive private sector and a strong public service should not be mutually exclusive."

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