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[pima.nius] IFJ statement -- Vanuatu Minister to face court in Publisher assault case

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Media Release: Vanuatu

April 6, 2011

Minister to Face Vanuatu Court in Publisher Assault Case

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) joins Pacific Freedom
Forum (PFF) in welcoming the initiation of legal proceedings in the case
of a brutal assault against Vanuatu Daily Post publisher Marc

Vanuatu's Government Infrastructure and Public Utilities Minister, Harry
Iauko, is set to appear in the Magistrate's Court in Port Vila on April
7. The court will decide whether charges will be laid over the
minister's alleged role in an assault on Neil-Jones by a group of men at
the Daily Post offices on March 4.

Neil-Jones was left shaken and with visible injuries after he was hit on
the head from behind, kicked, and throttled by his attackers during the
assault, the newspaper reported on March 5.

Iauko allegedly led the group of men into the office and yelled abuse
and threats. He also allegedly threatened the newspaper's editor, Royson
Willie, with assault.

"The IFJ welcomes indications that Vanuatu's authorities are taking
steps to observe the rule of law and deal with the case," IFJ
Asia-Pacific Director Jacqueline Park said.

"Enacting proper legal procedures is essential in order to send a clear
message that intimidation and assaults on journalists and media workers
will not be tolerated. This case is a test of Vanuatu's commitment to
uphold the right of media personnel to safety and protection."

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