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Pacific Media Newsletter

April 4, 2011

Welcome to the monthly media wrap up of happenings, events, information
and resources aimed at keeping readers in touch with the 'Niusbeat' for
Pacific journalists and media practitioners. Follow the latest news on
communications and development issues, people on the move, and what's
afoot with media from newsrooms to global trends - or keep us posted
with a note to


What are you doing on May 3? World Press Freedom Day 2011: From the
challenges of self-censorship and standing by a professional code of
ethics to shining a spotlight on threats to media freedom, the annual
commemoration of World Press Freedom Day on May 3 provides a timely
moment for media workers to put themselves under the media lens.
Following the Pacific's first-time hosting of the 2010 UNESCO global
celebration of the day, the University of Queensland's School of
Communications Professor Martin Hadlow will join this year's UNESCO
event at the Newseum in Washington DC.

Check out WPFD 2011 on Facebook:

Pacific Media Networks Meeting: This year's World Press Freedom Day
theme is "21st Century Media: New Frontiers, New Barriers". In keeping
up the search for new frontiers, plans for an inaugural Pacific media
networks meeting in early May are shaping up. Those planning activities
for the day are encouraged to share what's happening in your part of the
Pacific. The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) Asia-Pacific
Media for Democracy and Human Rights in the Pacific project supported by
the European Union and UNESCO will support a number of in-country local
media rights monitoring workshops across a number of Pacific islands.

Find out more from IFJ Pacific Project Coordinator Lisa Williams-Lahari:

Wanted: your views on media training a la Pacific: Close on the heels of
a call for input into Australia's second phase of the Pacific Media
Assistance scheme (PacMAS), comes another call to the region for input
on media training needs a la Pacific realities and experiences.
Professor Martin Hadlow of the University of Queensland in Australia, is
leading the call for input to inform a new and separate media training
and development fund which is expected to be announced in 2011. What
types of media training would you like to see happening in Pacific media
circles and what lessons have we learnt from the past? Now's the chance
to share your experiences and ideas...or draw further attention to what
you have already sent the PacMAS review!

Contact Martin at

New research on media gender gap: A new Global Report on Status of Women
in News Media unveiled last week shows a gender gap in media management
jobs worldwide. The report into more than 500 companies in nearly 60
countries with Pacific input from Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, shows
that men occupy the vast majority of the management jobs and
news-gathering positions in most nations represented. The study,
commissioned by the International Women's Media Foundation, will inform
and help strengthen initial survey work by the Pacific WAVE Media
Network into the status of women in Pacific newsrooms. Content-focused
monitoring is already established via the Global Media Monitoring
Project (GMMP), which FemLINKpacific is the regional focal point. The
IWMF study showed that in the Asia and Oceania region, women are barely
13 percent of those in senior management.

See the full report:

Monitoring Pacific media freedom: Alerts in February/March from the
regional networks featured the Pacific Freedom Forum (PFF) alerts
covering Fiji, Vanuatu, Palau, PNG, Papua, and the Solomon Islands.
Statements of sympathy and solidarity were issued by the IFJ, PFF and
Australia's Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance for New Zealand media
workers who lost colleagues from The Press newspaper and Canterbury
Television during the devastating February 22 Christchurch earthquake.
Our condolences and thoughts go out to the media colleagues who worked
tirelessly to ensure quality coverage was provided in the aftermath of
the quake. The Pacific Islands News Association (PINA), the IFJ and PFF
issued a statement on the March 4 assault on Publisher of the Vanuatu
Daily Post, Marc-Neil Jones. There has been little progress in the
police investigation and Neil-Jones is seeking support to pursue an
individual case against his assailants, including for legal fees.

Write to Marc Neil Jones at and sign the
petition to stop violence against Pacific journalists and media workers

Read PFF statements online here:

Read IFJ Pacific statements here:

New Pacific links we like: The Pacific Media Centre in NZ gets a
thumbs-up for its revamped Facebook look. You can 'like' them at IFEX member the US based
Centre for Law and Democracy has put out a note responding to an updated
position by the UN Human Rights Committee around the International
Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), which had made a call
for input on media freedom comments which it will share with the UN
member states - including Pacific governments. The UN Human Rights
Committee ICCPR text will provide an entry point for media monitors to
remind Pacific UN member governments of the universal human right to
freedom of expression and information sharing, Article 19.

Read the full comment from the Centre's Executive Director Toby Mendel:

Journalist assault renews debate on women reporting from frontlines:
Should female journalists stop reporting from the frontlines of conflict
and focus on family instead? The arguments raged back and forth in
America and Canada following the savage molestation of 60 minutes
correspondent Lara Logan while reporting from Egypt's now-historic
Tahrir square on the resignation of Hosni Mubarak. Logan was covering
the dynamic unfolding events in the square on February 11 and was
attacked and sexually assaulted by a group of men after becoming
separated from her crew. Saved from further abuse by women who threw
themselves over her body, Logan's ordeal has reopened debate around risk
and danger for journalists covering conflict and whether women
journalists should step back from reporting from the frontlines. What
did Logan do? She took some time out - then returned to work as before,
with the full support of family and loved ones.

Read more here:

Pacific writers sought: Interested in submitting your articles around
agriculture and development? The Rome-based editor for SPORE is looking
for contributions and story ideas around thematic issues. From the
impacts of modernisation on farming, food security and Pacific
agriculture and trade initiatives, the angles depend on how you pitch
your story ideas.  For more info on how to be a contributor to SPORE,
either as a photographer or writer for case studies, interview pieces,
and providing general info for articles put together by a writing team,
contact editor Clare Pedrick at

Regional media meets: PINA membership fees closed off at the end of
March for voting members at the PINA summit 2011 planned for November in
Papua New Guinea. For more info write to PINA coordinator Matai Akauola
at The second regional roundtable of the IFJ
Pacific Media Project is planned for Honiara, Solomon Islands, following
on from the AIBD Pacific Media Partnership meeting for regional
broadcasters in August in Papua New Guinea. For more info contact IFJ
Regional Project coordinator

Media on the move: In Tonga, Josephine Latu moved from her editorial
position in the Taimi Media Group to take up media advisor duties to the
Tonga Government, and we're tracking the progress of one of our few
Pacific media PhD's Sione Vikilani, formerly of Tonga Broadcasting and
now working in Tonga's Parliament on public awareness and media issues.
Vikilani has already impressed with his efforts to build knowledge of
the fourth estate amongst Tonga's elected leadership. Still in
Polynesia, journalist Taina Kami makes her return to the print
mainstream by joining the Samoa Observer news team, and in the Cook
Islands long-time journalist Florence Syme-Buchanan returns to the full
time mainstream as part of the news team at daily paper the Cook Islands
News. In Melanesia, Papua New Guinea media colleagues bid adieu to
long-time PNG NAU FM News Director Titi Gabi, who leaves the broadcast
mainstream to take up freelance media work. Across from Moresby, in
Honiara, the Solomon Islands Government has allocated a new Policy and
management role to its former Prime Ministerial media spokesman, Alfred
Sasako who has been replaced by former SIBC newsman David Tuhanuku. Are
you farewelling colleagues in Pacific media or saying hello to the next
level yourself? Drop a line to - and our best
NIUSbeat wishes go out to all of our Pacific media colleagues who are
taking their work in new directions.

Deadlines and datelines - media calendar:

April 27: Deadline for Pacific journos applying for media accreditation
to cover the Fourth UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries in
Istanbul, Turkey. Do it online at

May 22-26: Registrations close off soon for Pacific broadcasters
attending the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcast Development (AIBD)
Media summit in Hanoi, Vietnam in May 2011. Summit sessions will include
updates from the Pacific Media Partnerships meeting planned for August
2011, in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

31 May to June 3, 2011: The biennial International Freedom of Expression
eXchange (IFEX) global networks meeting will be held in Beirut, Lebanon
and focus on the IFEX General Meeting and Strategy Conference theme.
Best of luck to Pacific applicants to the IFEX Access Fund for
attendance scholarships which closed off on Friday March 25. For visa
and program queries, contact the Maharat IFEX GM Coordinator, Layal
Banham at

Verbatim: "We have to get out of the free-lunch mentality that has been
present for years through flying people in to training in different
Pacific countries that is in effect a working holiday. This is not in
line with modern thinking and online technology now available. Ask
yourselves. What asset in training for the South Pacific has been left
after all the millions spent over the years?" - Vanuatu Daily Post
publisher Marc Neil Jones, commenting to media colleagues online over
the need to monitor implementation and follow up on Regional training


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NIUSbeat is part of the IFJ Asia-Pacific project, Media for Democracy
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The IFJ represents more than 600,000 journalists in 125 countries.

Find the IFJ on Twitter: @ifjasiapacific or on Facebook here

Lisa Williams-Lahari
Media Freelancer
Regional Coordinator, IFJ Pacific Media for Democracy and Human Rights
Ph Mobile: 677-7574230
Skype: lisalahari

* "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that
matter."-- Martin Luther King Jr.  *

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