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[pima.nius] PR: Demise of NZPA tragic blow for Kiwi journalism

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7 April 2011                                                                    MEDIA STATEMENT

Demise of NZPA tragic blow for Kiwi journalism


The announcement that the New Zealand Press Association (NZPA) will close after more than 130 years is a tragic blow for New Zealand journalism and the agency's staff, says Labour's Communications spokesperson Clare Curran.

"Over the coming months and years Kiwis may come to understand just how important New Zealand's only national news agency has been in terms of providing them with independent, New Zealand-flavoured news," Clare Curran said. "The agency has made an immense contribution to New Zealand's place in the world.

"NZPA journalists, both within New Zealand and in a variety of overseas postings, have always worked on the basis that Kiwis deserve to have access through a Kiwi voice to as much as possible of the news that affects them.

"New Zealanders living in smaller centres will particularly feel the demise of NZPA, not just because NZPA has been a crucial ingredient in their daily newspapers, but because NZPA has helped disseminate their community's news around the rest of New Zealand.

"Labour feels strong sympathy for the agency's staff," Clare Curran said. "A group of fine journalists will feel a real sense of desolation today." 

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