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[pima.nius] FIJI: Deputy editor Foster resigns from Fiji Times

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Title – 7121 FIJI: Deputy editor Foster resigns from Fiji Times
Date – 13 November 2010
Byline – Stanley Simpson
Origin – Pacific Media Watch
Source – Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, 12/11/10
Copyright – FBC
Status – Unabridged
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By Stanley Simpson

SUVA (Fiji Broadcasting Corporation/Pacific Media Watch): Fiji Times deputy editor Sophie Foster has resigned from the newspaper. Foster's resignation this week follows the departure last month of editor Netani Rika.

Foster went on a one month's leave the day Rika resigned. Both Rika and Foster have been accused by government of running an anti-government line.

Their departure is part of efforts by the Fiji Times to change its direction – and build a better partnership with government.

Foster told FBC News she will be moving to join her family in Brisbane and her time at the Fiji Times has been an inspiring one despite the pressures.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with the PANPA Bulletin, Fiji Times publisher Dallas Swinstead says former editor Rika was unwise to try to take on the government.

He says Rika was so against the government it cost News Ltd the newspaper.

* The departure of Rika and Foster follows the newpaper's sale by Australia's News Limited to Fiji's Mothibai Group in line with a decree curbing foreign ownership of Fiji media to a maximum of 10 percent of any company.

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