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[pima.nius] ***Taking Pasifika into the newsroom

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***Taking Pasifika into the newsroom

AUT University's new one-year Graduate Diploma in Pacific Journalism, which aims to address the shortage of Pasifika journalists and communications people in New Zealand, is gearing up for its first batch of students in 2011.
The diploma is aimed at:

  • Working journalists seeking a media qualification
  • Working communications specialists in ministries, departments and NGOs seeking a qualification
  • People with a degree in another field wishing to make a change into journalism or communications careers
  • Regional Pacific Islands journalists seeking a professional New Zealand media qualification

As a new diversity initiative, this course has already attracted support from people in the media industry and has been backed by the Pacific Islands Media Association (PIMA). 


Also, this new programme counts for the AUT/PIMA Pasifika Communications Scholarship.

* School leavers still enter the journalism programme through the three-year Bachelor of Communication Studies course, majoring in journalism, radio or television.

For more information: David Robie, Director - Pacific Media Centre, AUT University

Course administrator: Farzana Alladin information and brochure: areas/communications/qualifications/undergraduate-degrees/graduate-diploma-in-pacific-journalism

Scholarship criteria and applications:,-scholarships-and-finance/scholarships/current-aut-scholarships/design-and-creative-technologies

AUT website story:

Go to Pacific Scoop story


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