Thursday, November 21, 2013

[pima.nius] Invitation to Elephant in the Garden of Gethsemane

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Phoenix Performing Arts with support from Leadership New Zealand and Vodafone Foundation would like to warmly invite you to the development season of Elephant in the Garden of Gethsemane a play created and directed by Jay Junior Williams of Phoenix Performing Arts. 

This is an opportunity for you to support Jay and Phoenix in their journey to develop this important work commenting on issues facing many young New Zealanders today.

There are two night in which you not only get the opportunity to see the show but also get to contribute both to Phoenix and Leadership NZ.

The Monday night show is presented in conjunction with the Vodafone NZ Foundation which Jay was a recipient of their "World of Difference" award 2013.

The Tuesday night show is presented in conjunction with Leadership NZ which Jay was a participant in their 2013 Leadership programme.

Both the Vodafone Foundation and Leadership NZ have shown real belief and commitment to Jay and this project looking to contribute to NZ society through the arts.

These special fund-raising nights will contribute to Phoenix Performing Arts ability to further their important work with youth in West Auckland and to put on a full-season of this work in 2014.

The Tuesday night show will also contribute to LeadershipNZ's scholarship fund. Jay wants to give-back and enable other leaders from the arts and community sectors to have the opportunity to experience the LeadershipNZ programme all monies from ticket sales will go to the LNZ scholarship fund. 

Vodafone NZ will also be in support matching dollar for dollar and proceeds going directly to help Phoenix – double bang for your buck.

The issues covered in the play are very topical in the news but sadly a daily reality for many youth. Jay and Phoenix have devised a play which offers a view of this reality with pathways in which to transcend these issues – a bullying culture, loss of identity, loss of self-worth, being lost in an untrusted system, depression, mental illness, and contemplations of ending it all.

Young Maui Filemu born into a confusing 21st century world asks, "How do I fit?"  His quest takes him on a journey through mental illnessand betrayal. After suffering hardships and loss, in the end he finds himself becoming proud of his individuality. Maui's journey is for all of us who want to be free to be ourselves. This powerful contemporary ugly duckling story, grown out of West Auckland, layered with Maori and Pacific urban influences and performed by a talented cast of young actors, dancers and musicians, is a poetic and operatic drama of transcendence.

Please go to the Q-Theatre website in order to purchase tickets in support of this wonderful cause.


Phone Bookings: 09 309 9771

Date and time: Monday & Tuesday, 25th & 26th November, 7:30pm

Location: Q-Theatre, The Loft, Queen Street, Auckland

Your support is much appreciated.

Kind Regards

Phoenix Performing Arts/Phoenix NZYP (New Zealand Young Performers)

DD: (09) 8384455 xtn 215
MOB: 021 208 4289

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