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[pima.nius] Graduate Diploma in Pacific Journalism

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Graduate Diploma in Pacific Journalism

Some 8 million people live in the South Pacific. The Pacific region offers cultural diversity, and is one of New Zealand's biggest sources of migrants and export trade. It is also under threat from climate change, can be a hotbed of political tension and is rapidly becoming a highly contested place for resources. For journalists, the South Pacific is a complex region with a wealth of fascinating stories.

The Graduate Diploma in Pacific Journalism (GradDipPacJourn) is designed to develop more journalists with the specialist skills to report on the South Pacific. You will explore the role of the Pasifika media and the treatment of Pasifika, Māori and diversity issues in the mainstream media. You will learn to analyse and comment on Pasifika political, social, economic and cultural issues, and other issues in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Addresses the shortage of Pasifika journalists
  • Suitable for anyone who wants to develop journalism skills in and about the South Pacific in as little as 1 year
  • A pragmatic and critically relevant journalism qualification for the many Pacific Islanders (and others) across the region already working in the media
  • Focuses on practical and critical news reporting skills for print, broadcast, narrowcast and digital media
  • Develops a critical awareness of the demands of the local and wider publishing and broadcasting industry in a Pasifika context
  • Opportunity to complete media attachments and a newsroom internship in a Pasifika or mainstream news media organisation
  • Encourages bilingual or multilingual interviewing skills
  • Papers cover ethics, media law and digital media storytelling in a cross-cultural context

pacific islands media association
aotearoa, new zealand
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