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[pima.nius] SPC-RMC Vacancy: Television/ Video Production Officer

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1. The Secretariat of the Pacific Community invites applications for the
position of Television/Video Production Officer. The closing date for
applications is 29 July 2011.

2. The attached statement sets out the duties, responsibilities,
qualifications, experience and skills required for the position, as well
as the terms and conditions of employment. This is a three year contract
position based in Suva, Fiji, renewable subject to performance and
continued funding availability. It is advertised under the
organization's six-year rule.

Richard Mann
Deputy Director-General


Original text: ?English





The Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) is an international
organisation that provides technical and policy advice and assistance,
training and research services to its Pacific Island members. SPC works
in a wide range of sectors with the aim of achieving three development
outcomes ? sustainable economic development, sustainable natural
resource management and development, and sustainable human and social

SPC?s headquarters are in Noumea, New Caledonia. It has regional offices
in Suva, Fiji Islands, and Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia
(FSM), and country offices in Honiara, Solomon Islands and Port Vila,
Vanuatu. Additional information on SPC, particularly regarding its work
in specific sectors, can be found on its website: www.spc.int.


The Regional Media Centre (RMC) is part of SPC?s Directorate of Human
and Social Development. RMC has two distinct roles: provision of media
(radio, television, graphics and multimedia) training and capacity
supplementation to the government, private and community sectors of
Pacific Island member countries and territories; and provision of media
production services, on a cost recovery basis, for Pacific Island member
countries and territories and for SPC programmes. When it has spare
capacity, RMC makes its media production and training services available
to agencies making up the Council of Regional Organisations in the
Pacific (CROP).

The Television/Video Production Officer will be responsible for all
production work under the Television and Video Unit. He/she will
coordinate the development and implementation of the unit's work plan.
The position will be responsible for both production and training in
television and video. The position will also be responsible for all
equipment needs of the unit and for equipment upkeep and maintenance.


The Television/Video Production Officer will be responsible to the RMC
Coordinator and the role will encompass the following major functions or
key result areas:

Member countries

1. Provide technical advice on both television/video and radio to
government agencies in member countries.
? Provide equipment lists, prices and information about suppliers.
? Make recommendations on networking systems, equipment suppliers and
? Provide technical assistance to community radio stations with regard
to sourcing of equipment systems, suppliers and software.
? Complete technical reports and submit them to member countries.

2. Provide advice and conduct training in television/video and radio
? Assess and audit television/video production training packages and
advise on and implement changes for improvement.
? Choose credible accreditation systems for all training packages in
camera operation, sound, writing, lighting and editing.
? Assemble, pre-test and implement training packages for community
? Make short and long-term internship training programmes available to
member countries at the centre.

3. Provide advice and assistance in production to small island states
that do not have the capacity to make high quality programmes.
? Facilitate production of high quality television/video programmes as
requested by small island states and countries.
? Establish sustainable local media productions.

4. Plan and produce television/video in response to requests from within

SPC Corporate Services and programmes

? Plan and produce media production to the satisfaction of the SPC
? Establish and implement production procedures.
? Implement quality control to meet industry standards.
? Implement digital networking in collaboration with the ICT programme.

5. Provide technical assistance in the upkeep of the media library
? Periodically update equipment inventory.
? Ensure that repair, maintenance and replacement of equipment is
executed in a timely manner.
? Adopt and implement a library inventory, archiving and database system
in collaboration with the SPC Library.


? A degree or equivalent qualification in media production or film/video
and/or television production.
? Minimum of eight years of work experience in television/video
production, including documentaries.
? At least eight years of experience in a professional environment.
? Experience writing scripts for television/video production.
? An interest and/or background in Pacific Media production.
? A high level of skill with media production software and
administrative software.
? Advanced skills in one or more areas of media production.
? Experience providing capacity building support to individuals and
organisations to improve their media operations systems.
? Training experience.
? High level of conscientiousness; ability and motivation to contribute
to the provision of high quality service by RMC.
? Excellent oral and written communication skills.
? Strong technical skills with video and radio equipment.
? Ability to take initiative.
? Strong interpersonal skills; cultural and gender sensitivity.
? Ability to work well within a team environment.
? Flexibility and willingness to assist with a variety of tasks.
? Experience working in a variety of cultural environments, preferably
within the Pacific region.
? Ability and willingness to undertake travel within the region.



The position is in Band 9 of SPC?s salary scale.

Professional salaries at SPC are set in SDR (Special Drawing Rights) and
paid in the local currency (i.e. the Fiji dollar, FJD, in Fiji). As per
SPC?s 2011 salary scale, the salary range for this band is SDR
1,896?2,844 per month. At prevailing exchange rates these amounts
convert to approximately FJD 5,569?8,353 per month (USD 3,000?4,500; ?

An offer of appointment for an initial contract will made in the lower
half of this range, with due consideration being given to experience and

The organisation subsidises housing. A housing allowance of 75 per cent
of the total rental, up to a limit of FJD 2,625 per month, will be
provided. The minimum housing allowance payable is FJD 1,170 per month.

In addition, an establishment grant will be payable to non-residents of
Fiji. Where appropriate, other allowances, such as an education
allowance, may be payable.

While SPC emoluments are not subject to income tax in Fiji at the
present time, this status is currently under review by the Government of
Fiji. Any change in this status will apply to Fiji nationals.


The appointee will be eligible for membership in SPC?s Staff Provident
Fund. Staff members contribute eight per cent of their base salary, to
which SPC adds a matching contribution.


The appointment is for a period of three years, with the possibility of
renewal for a further period depending on performance and continued
funding availability.


Suva, Fiji.


Annual leave will accrue at the rate of 25 working days per annum. For
expatriate staff members, home leave fares are payable after 18 months
of service.

Sick leave is 30 working days per annum.


SPC?s Staff Medical Insurance reimburses doctor fees, cost of prescribed
medicines, surgical and hospital costs, etc. up to certain percentages
and limits. Supplementary medical insurance is available to increase
these percentage reimbursements and limits.


For an appointee recruited outside of Fiji, the cost of air fares by the
most direct and/or economic route for the appointee and recognised
dependants, and reasonable removal expenses by sea of personal and
household effects, will be met by SPC on appointment and termination.


SPC has a standardised computing environment based on Microsoft Office
running under Microsoft Windows.


Smoking is not permitted in the work place.


SPC is an equal-opportunity employer. Recruitment is based entirely on
merit, but in cases where two short-listed candidates are ranked equal
by the selection committee, preference will be given to Pacific Island


The closing date for applications is 29 July 2011.

Applicants are asked to use SPC?s online recruitment system by following
the link http://www.spc.int/job.html.

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DISCLAIMER: These emails are unedited and discussions made through this googlegroup are unmoderated. Announcements made through this googlegroup do not constitute endorsement for the organisations, individuals or opinions featured. Please check the integrity of organisations and individuals before exchanging personal information with them.
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