Tuesday, March 8, 2011

[pima.nius] Niue MP says the island should forgo aid for sake of Christchurch

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Niue MP says the island should forgo aid for sake of Christchurch


Posted at 07:25 on 08 March, 2011 UTC

A politician on Niue is suggesting the island forego millions of dollars in development aid promised by New Zealand and have the money redirected to help rebuild Christchurch.

New Zealand is Niue's main aid donor and provides about 14 million US dollars a year in support.

Much of this goes directly into the budget, but millions is also allocated to development projects.

MP Terry Coe says, given the impact of the last month's earthquake on Christchurch, the island could go without this part of the aid budget for the next few years.

"And that money could go to helping Christchurch and helping the New Zealand government. And the reason is that Christchurch and the whole of Canterbury has always been a good supplier of tourists to this place, you know, we have appreciated them coming over. So this is just a little thing to help. I know it's probably not enough but it would go to a good cause."
"Niue MP, Terry Coe."

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Anonymous said...

That's just stupid Mr Coe. As if the tiny amounts Niue gets in aid are going to make any difference to Christchurch which is right now going for the billions for white collar criminals to reap the rewards. So, save your money for people that really need it. Because you know what happens when you mix business and aid.