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[pima.nius] $16 million recommendation to boost NZ broadcasting to islands

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From the latest parliamentary review of relations between New Zealand and the Pacific.

"The report also raised concerns about the lack of New Zealand media coverage in the region, and suggested that greater support be given to broadcasting in the Pacific."

This follows similar recommendations, made by this agency, to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australiain 2006, which saw the committee report favourably on increased support for broadcasting in the Pacific. However, unlike Australia, the only recommended spending from New Zealand is for broadcasting "to" and not "in" the islands.

Here's what the report says about broadcasting and broadband:

Communications are fundamental to New Zealand's relationship with South Pacific
nations. Several submitters provided evidence that Television New Zealand and Radio
New Zealand International have a critical role in disseminating a wide range of information
that these countries might not otherwise have access to. Television and radio also provide a
New Zealand "face" and thus contribute to New Zealand's influence and presence
throughout the region.

TVNZ operates a Pacific Service under a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry
for Culture and Heritage and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It is required to
broadcast a minimum of 11 hours of programming to the South Pacific region per week.
The majority of programmes are re-broadcast at a time convenient to the local broadcaster;
news and current affairs programmes are usually broadcast live or within a restricted period.

While TVNZ would like to broadcast more programmes to the region, infrastructure constraints
mean it is unable to do so.

Radio New Zealand International broadcasts to the region in both analogue and digital
short-wave modes. However, RNZI has limited capacity to broadcast its programmes in all
the Pacific island languages. Programmes are transmitted to local Pacific radio stations and
are either broadcast live or replayed. In the cyclone season individual short-wave listeners
can receive timely weather information from RNZI.

The two broadcasters told us that their broadcast infrastructure serving the region is not
only inadequate, but in RNZI's case nearing the end of its useful life. Submissions
suggested that for a modest investment New Zealand could substantially extend its reach
and presence in the Pacific by providing additional resources to Radio New Zealand
International and TVNZ. We accept and agree that there are good strategic and long-term
reasons for asking the Government to urgently expand New Zealand's national television
and radio services to the Pacific by means of an injection of approximately $16 million
from aid funds.

That NZODA funds be used to help Radio New Zealand International and Television
New Zealand improve their infrastructure and programming to provide continuous
television and radio transmissions to all Pacific countries.

The availability of high-speed broadband throughout Pacific countries is a critical
precondition to expanding the range of employment opportunities for highly qualified
Pacific islanders who might wish to work at home, and is increasingly important for
distance learning. Because of the potential impact of broadband on sustainable
development and wealth creation, we consider that more aid funding should be used to
develop broadband infrastructure, first in the Realm entities and then in other Pacific island


With thanks to PACWIN for original post, below. 

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Inquiry into New Zealand's relationships with South Pacific countries (I.4A) (10 December 2010)

(as reported by the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee)

You can get this document (96 page report) in PDF format from the 'Downloads' panel at the link below:


NZ aid to Pacific needs more focus - report

The National Business Review Tuesday 14, 2010 9:10PM

NZPA | Monday December 13, 2010
New Zealand aid funds in the Pacific are being stretched thin and need to have increased focus, according to a Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee report.The Pacific Inquiry into New Zealand's Relationships with South Pacific Countries, which has been tabled in Parliament, contained more than 40 recommendations for the Government to consider.Among the recommendations, the committee called for an increased focus for the $600 million of aid given to the region, saying that efforts were being spread to widely.It suggested that $100 million of aid funds be channelled through existing trading banks on normal commercial terms to Pacific Islanders with "sound business plans"."The proposal would help Pacific Islanders engage in activity to harvest, process , and market their own resources," committee chairman and National MP John Hayes said.The report also raised concerns about the lack of New Zealand media coverage in the region, and suggested that greater support be given to broadcasting in the Pacific.Mr Hayes said the committee's aim had been to investigate the role New Zealand played and could play in helping Pacific Island Forum nations to develop sustainable economies."It is clearly time for a concerted effort by the New Zealand Government to develop a clear strategy toward each of our Pacific neighbours, and to act on it," Mr Hayes said.The Government was expected to respond to the report within 90 days.
I'll leave feedback on the role of gender and/or women (or the lack of it) in the NZ report to NZ Pacwin members



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